"Play from Selection Start" After Record, w/Range Selection

“Transport - Play from Selection Start” doesn’t play from the selection start after record pass (which would be where you started recording) when using the range selection tool. It doesn’t actually even play from anywhere oddly enough.

I tried several modifications to a macro of
Play From Selection Start
Tool - Previous Tool
Play From Selection Start
Tool - Next Tool

But there are too many consequences to doing that. It breaks use with VariAudio and selected notes, it looses your selection and more.

Update, the following works in most cases and is what I was looking for:

Macro - Play From Selection Start
Transport - Return to Start Position (recording while in range selection tool will jump to start of range selection)
Transport - Locate Selection (recording while in range selection it will not work but all other tools will be what is used to start from audio event, pitch segment, MIDI event etc.
Transport - Start

The other nice thing about this is it keeps the even selected which would not be retained if you jumped to any other tool other then range selection and returned back to it. The only time this doesn’t work is if you are in range selection and start recording somewhere before or after the range selection which I never do. With pre-roll and punch at in point commands I use this plays back right from where I started. This allows me to always use one key command in all cases for me.