Play from start locator shortcut

Hi is there a shortcut to play from the start locator ?
Cubase 12

Don’t think so out of the box. But you could make a Macro that goes to the Locator & the Starts Playback.

Yup, there isn’t. But you can Num 1 + Space or put both of those in a macro.

What macros should i use?

Raino and Friede mentioned the necessary items for a macro already.

Here’s the manual for macros:

In the key commands dialog there’s this neat function on the right
where you can click into the input field and press a shortcut key then press select and it jumps to the command in the list on the left.

When you open the window it even pre-selects the most recent used shortcut, so if you press Num1 right before opening the key commands dialog, it already is selected.

You’ll need “Go to Left Locator” and “StartStop” from the Transport section. Just add them both to a new macro, give it a name and then find it in the upper list in the “Macro” section to assign a keyboard shortcut (that’s a little bit cluttered yes, could be easier).

Press NUM1 ???
Left locator is always 1. Don’t get it.