Play list ,set list

Hi ,it would be great to have an easy automated set list or play list with delay between songs …only import cpr file then go . Thank you

The Arrange track can already do that.

Thank you Steve , I’m looking to it and I’m trying to figure it out ,I don’t find it so easy .

Check out this youtube video: there are dozens of others, be patient and you’ll get the idea.

Also, read this chapter in the manual:

Hi, Steve ,thank you for the link ,I’m a bit confused how i will do it ,but I’m still working on it lol my little brain doesn’t assimilate quick as i can see lol.
I really think i will give a try on that online course it’s well made .

Try this

  1. Add an Audio track and add an Arranger track.
  2. import an audio file you want in your set list onto the audio track.
  3. Use the pencil tool (aka draw tool) to create a part on the Arranger track that exactly matches the beginning and end of the event on the Audio track.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3, but place the events to the right of those you already placed
  5. Select the Arranger track and open the Left Zone Track Inspector.
  6. Look at the lower pane and Drag one of the list items to the upper pane, then do the same for the other list item.

You now have two entries. Activate the Arranger Track

and hit Play. Experiment by changing the order of the list in the upper pane of the Track Inspector.

Ohhhh wow ! lol getting clearer now thank you . Correct me if I’m wrong …I added 10 audio files ,so on right of screen looks like a stair going down, right ?
So if I import my midi files songs the same way , it should look like a huge stair going down at right of screen ? Thank you very much Steve.

No. Follow the steps exactly.

Okay now the 2 songs are aligned on same line , I probably did not import the 2 nd one at the end of 1 st one …

I think this only works with audio files ,not with midi files .