Play/Listen to notes uppon selection with their actual duration?

Hello Steinberg Team,

Thank you for such a nice notation software.

However there is something i would like to have that i can’t finde anywhere in the menues.

When i compose music i like to select a note and then step forwards through them by pressing my right arrow key.

Then dorico plays their pitches one by one. However it does so with a default set duration and not with the duration that the written note has.

I would LOVE to have an option that allows me to have this “selection playback” also consider the duration of the notes.

That would make it much easier for me to input the right rhythm and not only the right pitch and could save me loads of time!

So my question is, is there already a way to achieve this, maybe with a script? Would you be so genereous as to implement it in an upcomming version? (Maybe with the option to have it like i want it and the so far default way, so that one also has the old way to solely concentrate on pitch.)

I am pretty sure the capability you want is not currently a feature of Dorico, but I am a little mystified how one would expect Dorico to playback at a set “duration” (as I interpret the meaning of the word) if you are progressing through the notes by pressing the right arrow.

Are you saying you want each note to hold for (say) two seconds or a half note would hold longer than a quarter note as you move to it with the arrow key? Is that what you mean? If so, I can see how that might be an advantage to some users, although I am not sure how many.

I mean, that if i have a
full, half, quater and sixteenth
note, that dorico plays them for their actual length according to the tempo that i set. So hypothetically maybe like this.
2s, 1s, 0.5s, 0.25s
So their actual lenght in consideration of the set tempo.

If i press the arrow key faster then the note would need, it’s end is just skipped and the new/next note is played with it’s full lenght unless i again skipp faster. But if i where to give each note it’s time and only press when they where done playing i would get a much better impression of, if i got their length right. (And obviously if i press forward much slower then their individual note length then i would have a lot of pauses in between. And also obviously pauses are not “played” so if i skip over them to the next note the note is played immediately uppon selection.)

Basically in software termes. They sould not play each note with a default length but read the length of the selected note and play the read pitch for that length. (I imagine it to be very simple to implement this.)

You can already use playback to listen to specific instruments only, by selecting at least a couple of items on their staff before pressing P to start playback. That plays back the selected staves using the currently set tempo (or a fixed tempo, if you activate Fixed Tempo Mode).

Thank you, i found that solution already and that is how i currently do things. But compared to my suggestion this is worlds slower than i would likt it to be.

So pretty please can this be implemented? :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback. I don’t think we’ll be able to do this imminently, but I’ll make a note of it as something for us to consider for future versions.

Okay, thats good enough for now. Thank you.