Play live across several MIDI instruments?


Is that possible in Cubase to play via midi keyboard across several MIDI tracks (with different instruments assigned) in a rotating manner?


  1. I have VST Rack instruments A,B,C and D, the are assigned to MIDI Channel 1, 2, 3 and 4.
  2. When I play a triad chord, A-B-C are used in the order of the keys pressed.
  3. When I play a new triad it goes D,A,B etc.

There are plug-ins that does it within a multi-timbral instrument (assigned to a single MIDI track), but it does not work with several VST instruments across several MIDI tracks, playing live.

Any way to accomplish this in Cubase?


I believe you could do this with Midi Sends. For example this would allow you to send midi from one single track to multiple VSTi’s. So in theory if you can force the instruments to only play on a single channel then you can use the plugin to round-robin the channel and thus play the individual instruments.

The Midi Sends can be accessed in the Editor panel for a midi track (probably not an instrument track tho, and this may depend on which version you’re running, I’m citing the full version).

BUT, having just looked at this panel in my Cb7, it looks like there’s something missing… I can’t find the assignment area where you assign the send to an instrument and a channel (as I thought it used to be). Maybe it’s moved or maybe Steinberg have missed it out…??

Or maybe I’m just not on the right lines?


Right click on the Inspector area to activate the display of MIDI Sends.

Unfortunately since Cubase 6 no 3rd party MIDI effects are allowed.

Aha, yes, that works in the inspector, but I can’t get the assignments to show up in the Track Editor window… Hey well.

So, does this help you? Or is it that your chosen plugin doesn’t work in Cubase then?


Yes, unfortunately any 3rd party MIDI plug-in does not work as MIDI Insert/Send.

The Sends appear in the MIDI track’s Channel Settings window.

Is there any way to accomplish round-robin playing using any Cubase MIDI plug-in?

Not that I know of…