Play live Midi and get audio recorded

Hello. An old user returning after several years away. Still using Cubase 8.5 until I get a new Mac.

My questions is:
Can I play vst instruments and record the audio output of those instruments (altogether or individually) as audio? Is this possible? I do not want to bounce them out and reimport, I want it to happen as I play. I likewise do not want to freeze… Just play and have a mix on a stereo track recorded.

I want to layer several things together for some sections of a song, not as a whole… So I want to be able to just record it permanently and then load other instruments for other parts.

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Yes, you can do so in Cubase Pro, where you can route an output bus to an input of Audio track.

  • Add a Group channel.
  • Route the Output of the Instrument track to this Group.
  • Add an Audio track.
  • Set the Group as an Input of the Audio track.
  • Record enable on the Instrument track and the Audio track.
  • Hit Record.
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Thank you, it worked