Play midi sound relative to timeline position

Hello, I hope somebody can help me out with this.

I quite often use midi sounds that evolve over a long period of time. Problem is, that one always has to playback from the beginning of that midi event which is a little annoying.

Does Cubase 10 offer the possibilty to somehow sync the sound (without freezing instruments etc. independently from the cursor position. Somehow taking into account the stuff that would play before cursor position.

Thanks a lot!
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No, because Cubase doesn’t have anyway to know what audio output any VSTi will produce.

The closest you can get is to Render the VSTi to Audio. But no need to Freeze anything - just Mute/Unmute the Instrument and Audio Tracks to hear one or the other. If you change the MIDI Parts you would need to Render again to capture those changes.

yes you can, you need to activate under preferences/midi/chase events/ “note,” then you can play the midi note without having the playhead start before the midi note event

I don’t think that’s what @Pierre_Hansen 's problem is. He has pads (I assume) that evolve slowly over time. So maybe a note has to play for 5 seconds before it changes the sound in some way. Even chasing the note like you describe you’d still need to wait those 5 seconds from when the chased note starts playing. He wants to start playing directly at that 5 second mark.

oh i see, i assumed he meant he wanted to hear something rather than nothing, which would happen without that option turned on. my bad

Not at all. It’s easy to read it like you did and helpful to clarify.

Thanks Raino! Yes, that was my workaround until now. Render to Audio + Mute midi track. Thanks for your answer! Much appreciated

Absolutely. Didn’t even know about that option. Thanks guys!