Play Mode: Instrument Allocations

In a piece of piano music, why would six instances of the instrument show up in Play Mode? Might I have created other instances while entering notes etc,?

In the example below, it looks to me as if the top instance is playing back the bass staff, and the fifth instance is playing back the treble staff. If that is the case, might it be possible - either now or later on the development of Play Mode - to combine them so that they appear as one single instrument?

Play Mode - Instrument allocation.jpg

It’s splitting out the separate voices. If you look at the channel indicators you’ll see that they’re all set to channel 1 of your PianoTeq.

Thanks - that makes sense. Is there any way that you can combine them in Play mode into a single instrument?

Not currently, though this is something that we could consider. Play Mode is at a very early stage at the moment.