play mode : many bugs ...

Before i post on this subject i search in this forum, but i did’nt find any post.

1st : no documentation about this mode on help …

bugs when you are in play mode :

1 - draw tools do nothing
2 - selecting a note with select tool, cut the note
3 - Selecting is unpredictable, no selecting note are re-select in despite you deselect it
4 - When erase cursor is selecting, at first you see the gum but after some manipulations the cursor takes the form of the selection tool
5 - Undo is lacking very much, you have to return in write mode, making undo and return in play mode to see the effect of undoing.
6 - Redondant Zoom on view menu and play menu. when you are in play mode, If you apply zoom on view menu, you don’t see changing, and when you return in write mode the score was zooming. If you apply zoom on play menu, you see the changes, but shortkey X and W have no effect.
7 - When you enlarge vertically the piano-roll, and you go to mixer, click on something on it, you loosing the enlarge you did before
8 - Why all unused instrument tracks appears on the mixer ?
9 - cutting reverb is impossible, if you put the reverb tracks to zero, you ear reverb …
10 - no info about the tool for changing midi canal

all of this bugs are showing on video

Thanks for these reports. Play mode is, as you can tell, at a very early stage of implementation, and we are working hard to improve this area of the application, along with every other area of the application, as our limited manpower allows.

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