Play Mode : More real estate for piano roll + Keyboard shortcuts not working + Note Names


  • In this video on Youtube the piano roll of an instrument covers almost the whole screen from bottom to the top! Mine doesn’t expand over 2 inches! How can I have more real estate for a piano roll?

  • None of the shortcut keys in the manual for Play mode works. What am I doing wrong, please?

  • As in Cubase, is it possible to see the note names in the note events in Play mode?

Hover your mouse over the bottom left corner of the track, and you should see the cursor change. You can then drag down to extend the piano roll track.

I’m not entirely sure about your shortcuts.

I just added two more items to my questions!

How fast! Thank you.

It’s not possible to show note names in the piano roll in Dorico at the moment, but this is something that we may well add in a future version.

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Looking forward to seeing that in future releases!