PLAY mode: question and request

VST instrument faders are set by dynamic markings. It would be good to be able to mix with these and have the dynamic markings proportionally affect the fader position, rather than resetting to the default.
I want to be able to mix but also for it to respond to the dynamics in the score.

If I set the VST pan controls, they reset when I play. What is doing this?

Huh? Do you mean the faders in the Dorico mixer?

No, the ones in the Aria player.

Dynamics don’t (by default) control the faders. Dynamics for most instruments use either note velocity or a controller such as modulation wheel. Most VST plugins will respond by changing the timbre rather than just changing the volume. In future versions we aim to have better support for mixing by having automation lanes to control the mixer level over time.

Why do my faders jump back to the same level? And why do the pans reset to centre? This is whenever I click ‘play’.

The Aria Mixer (in Finale) has always responded to dynamic changes within the Finale program. That is why one always has to use the Finale Mixer, not the Aria Mixer, to set base levels there. I suspect that the same may be happening here and that you should use the Dorico Mixer to set base levels and see if that does not work better both for levels and panning.

Ok. All the channels from Aria are only going to one fader in the Dorico mixer?

Make sure you’re using the ARIA Multi VST, so that each channel can have its own output. Relatedly, I’m not sure of the details, but I believe all effects in ARIA are also returned only through the first pair of outputs.

It is the multi-vst.

Then check the routing controls in the ARIA interface itself, to make sure that each channel is pointing at a different output.

Ugh… I’m an idiot! That worked. Thanks all.