Play mode suggestion

Hi everyone!

In the play mode most of the edits are made using the mouse cursor.
(Unless I’ve missed something, in which case please do tell)

One thing that I have great difficulty with is setting the CC values or other edits in a precise manner, and it takes some time to get them right.

My suggestion is that, as in the other modes, you have a menu in the bottom with precise settings for both note and CC values.
Something like this:

Also, I wish to send a great thank you to the team for making such a wonderful program!

Best regards
// Marcus

Welcome to the forum, Marcus. I’m glad you’re enjoying using Dorico. We have no current plans for a Properties panel in Play mode. However, have you spotted that you can specify the numeric value for a selected point in the CC lane, for example, using the spin control in the track header at the left-hand side?

Also I think you can hold down a modifier key that will slow down the drag. It’s either alt or shift.

Why there it is! Thank you, that’s precisely what I was looking for. Thanks for pointing that out!