Play Mode

Hi Daniel,

Congrats to you and your team.
Could you elaborate more about the play mode that is part of Doricos workflow?

How can one edit articulations besides expression maps?
Can the user create multiple “midi tracks” and point them to the main track of say Violin 1?
Will editing happen via in-line editor or/and via a single piano roll editor?
Will it be possible to switch CC view in the mentioned single automation lane view via key command/osc/midi?
Will you consider superimpose CC data over midi notes?

I’m sure a lot more questions will come up over time as some people here probably want to use Dorico for mockups as well.

Thanks again for all your efforts and your openness to spread your thoughts! Your blog is awesome! You actually give me as a user more confidence in supporting your project.

You won’t need an existing expression map – you’ll be able to effectively create one on the fly by defining the playing technique supported by a particular endpoint. See here for more:

Yes, effectively, though you won’t do it by explicitly creating tracks. An endpoint might correspond to a separate track, but you won’t really see that track explicitly.

I’m not sure I quite understand the distinction here, but the only piano roll editor is the one embedded in Play mode, which you will be able to use to edit things like played note durations, onsets, and so on.

Probably via key command, and possibly via MIDI, but unlikely via OSC, at least in the first version.

Not in the first version: controller data will be shown in the automation lanes only. But at this early stage I wouldn’t rule anything out.

Thanks for the response.

I have just installed the latest version of Dorico and tried to verify the feature the most important to me - controller lanes in Play mode. I use several different libraries that go by their own rules and the ability of adding basic controller lanes (like CC1, CC11 and CC7) is, from my perspective, a crucial lack of Sibelius and most hoped for feature in Dorico. Unfortunately I found nothing in Dorico’s Help, I found no extensive (like for Cubase) PDF manual and I did not succeed to find the option of adding a lane in Play mode/window. Any help here will be appreciated.

Unfortunately, Witold, controller lanes got removed shortly before the initial release because we were not able to make them work in time, and they have not yet found their way back into the software, but they will be making a return soon, I promise!

That will be an exciting day!

Thanks. That will really be an important day. By this, the uniformity between Cubase and the notation software will be achieved for the first time. Waiting for the day impatiently.