"Play" monitoring / Zoom shortcut - not working correctly

Macbook pro 2012, sierra. WL9.5

  1. Monitoring one side only - In the tools section. the monitor (speaker icon), can monitor in stereo or ONLY the right side. for some reason, it doesn’t monitor the left.

2, Zoom in/out - For some reason the zoom shortcuts G/H are not working (well, sometimes…). this is what I found, Im using external keyboard (apple) with the MacBook, when I open the WL G/H doesn’t work on both of the keyboards. When I plug the external out, it works again on the MacBook keyboard. Then, I plug the external again, and it works on the G/H too. anyhow, it is very unstable behavior.


Do you mean “audio channel monitoring” button underneath the faders in the Master Section? If so, that works ok here.

  1. Monitoring on both sides here. All OK.
  2. Sounds like a hardware problem, not a WL problem.

+1. Also, if you happen to have Clarity M plugin in the playback processing, that plugin currently has a bug that mutes the audio when hard panned to one side or the other, I can’t remember which way but there is a minor bug there that TC has to fix.

In other words, have you tested this issue with the master section free of any plugins?