Play more than one selected stave at once on MIDI Keyboard - D4

Hi Doricans,

This could be an easy one but say i wanted to select each stave in my string section assigned to a vst (VEPro 7/BBCSO Pro) and play a mock chord voicing/string multi type patch on my MIDI keyboard can this be done? It would be handy to be able to construct some string voicings without having to punch in or hear only one stave at a time. I know Synchron Strings has a String Sketch type patch but I’ve got each section of the strings as separate VEPro/BBCSO Pro instances assigned to one port/channel per track/stave on my slave (old CPU!). No stress. Cheers Simon

When you split the caret across multiple staves, at present Dorico only plays back the sound assigned to the first of those staves. We would like to extend this in future, but it’s not something that is coming imminently.

In the meantime, maybe consider adding one of the new “Sketch” instruments to your project and assign the string section sound to that, then use that to work out your voicings?

No worries Daniel. Thanks for your reply! I’ll sort something out. Your idea is probably the way to go i think. Looking forward to the next instalment! Cheers Simon