Play my own voice samples with midi keyboard.

Hi there, is there somone who can tell me how i put my own voice samples under the keys of my midikeyboard so i can use them in jingles that i make. And it would be graet if the function when you press a key and release it en you hit the next the sample will continu where is was left when you released the other. I hope this is possible. I use cubase 8 pro and my midikeyboard is a Arturia minilab.


This, what you are describing, is called sampler. You can use GrooveAgent SE 4, which is included in Cubase, this way. If you don’t need to change the Pitch, when you are playing another key (which seems, you don’t want to).

no; he is refering to a sample-legato function i believe, so he cannot use grooveagent (that is by the way the motivation for many of the ‘implement a simple sampler’ requests that have been surfacing for years and years now).

I use hit-point slicing the cut the samples then import to any sampler or Groove Agent. It’s a very fast process once you learn it.

( oh I re-read the question) that may be possible but you would need something like Kontakt with custom scripting.