Play n times with local time signatures

Dear Dorico Team,

although I think I know the answer (I assume it has some connection with Daniel’s post here:, I still find it strange.

The repeat n-times function does not work, when there are local time signatures involved in the same staff.

attached you’ll find a project.
Here are the steps to reproduce the problem:

  1. Open Project
  2. Enter any local time signature in Soprano staff
  3. the “Play 4 times” will disappear

Why do I think it’s a bug?
If you enter it in for example the Tenor voice, the “Play 4 times” will stay.

I am using Dorico 3.5.10

Best, (569 KB)

It’s not a bug, but rather a limitation that Dorico uses the sum total of the time signatures on the staff on which the repeat count text is to appear to determine whether or not it can be drawn. This is something we obviously could improve in future, of course.

thanks for your explanation, Daniel. It’s very interesting, as the repeat count of course applies to all players, but is only shown in the top staff.
So for me your answer suggests, that that would be the case in any staff, that would show repeat counts, if it would be followed by another local time signature?

For now I have a good workaround with normal text and paragraph styles, as I am not dependend on playback.

If the staff is one that would show the repeat count, then yes, the presence of a local time signature on that staff would prevent it from showing the repeat count.