Play - no sound on playback

I’m taking my very first steps with Dorico and began by exporting a Sib7.5 file in MusicXML format and importing it into Dorico. No problems there - the import went smoothly and the amount of data that came across was impressive. I then tried Play and the playback line moves across the score but there is no sound through the speakers. Searching for Play in the Help section hasn’t produced any hints as to what I need to do. I at first thought this might have been a conflict between running Sibelius and Dorico at the same time with both trying to use the PC’s audio so I restarted and opened up Dorico without having Sibelius running. However, that made no difference.

I also checked my Sound settings to ensure the speakers were not muted - they were set at 100%.

As I don’t know the first thing about Cubase, the piano roll view doesn’t provide any guidance. I suspect I might not be alone in this - if the user has come from Sibelius, he may well not be familiar with DAWs and piano rolls, let alone how to tweak them. There must be a playback setting I need to switch on but I don’t know where to look.

I appreciate I’m perhaps getting ahead of myself but I wanted to see how far I might get with an existing score before attempting to create one from scratch.

As a final comment, why isn’t there a Help section on Play Mode?

I’m sorry you’re having problems with playback. Please work through all of the steps under “I get no playback. What do I do?” in the FAQ thread.

Thanks, Daniel. I seem to be sorted. The piano input played back and then the XML score.

One point - I had to scroll the view of the score manually to follow the playback line. Is there an option for this to scroll automatically or is that a feature for an eventual update?

Automatic scrolling is planned but has not yet been implemented.