Play one stave or the other of a piano

My project involving a work for two pianos is nearly done, but I cannot figure out how to isolate for playback only one stave of either of the two pianos. Being able to do this would be of great help for proofing, though I am making good progress, already. Thanks, all!

You can’t, since they’re on the same channel.

Easiest solution is to select one, Select to End of Flow, and mute from the Properties Panel.

I guess there is no way to put one piano stave onto another channel, then?

Not in the current version. But it’s in the development plan, AFAIK.

Works perfectly - thx!

For the future, it might be well to include a toggle-box for multi-stave instruments. As complicated as the piece I’m transcribing is, to be able to quickly mute individual staves for proofing is a minor quality-of-life thing.

This is probably more complicated than you’d think, given notes (or entire beams) can be cross-staffed.

This is a thought, which may or may not be incorrect. Is the more general solution an ability to mute and solo individual voices?

I may well be totally wrong.

This would also be a nice feature for dynamic playback too. As of now both staves have to play back the same dynamic since they are the same channel. If the staves differ in dynamics, I think the lower staff dynamic takes precedence. Being able to assign different channels to the different staves would be a welcome addition for this reason as well.

Yes, this one has come up quite a bit and is definitely well-represented!

This is not true. You can assign independent dynamics to each voice. You can only do it from the caret (within step entry) and you must close the popover using Alt+Enter.

Again, you can already do this.

…but not for Note Performer, IIRC.

Correct, Dan, but that’s the first time Note Performer’s been mentioned on this thread :wink:

I didn’t say it wasn’t possible, only that it is still an issue to be improved upon. The point is that this only works for VSTs with velocity-based dynamics, so it may or may not work for the OP.