Play/Pause Resetting Arps and Causing Timing Issues? Also Automation not appearing when clicking?

Okay so I got a basic track going, different arps , sidechaining , audio loops , midi patterns etc.

If I press play and play it from the start of a bar , it’s all good no problems … however if I press pause … and then play again… everything all of a sudden sounds out of time , so my arps and delays etc … it then seems to catch up or fix itself when it reaches the next bar … is there any reason why this is happening ?

It seems to be a held midi note playing an arp pattern in a synth that’s causing it . If I pause whilst the arp sequence is say; halfway through, and then press play again, the midi note triggers the arp from the beginning instead of just playing it ‘live’ as it were.

There was an option in Studio one to sort this out and make everything behave as ‘live’ when reading midi which stoped the whole arp sequence from resetting when you pressed pause and then play. Also in Ableton it does this as a standard thing….

Is there any option in Cubase to do this ? It’s really frustrating having to keep resetting everything to a certain bar just because I’m using sustained single notes to play arps …

Also , when automating say the filter cutoff on a vst synth… I press the Write button, click the filter cutoff in the vst, move it about a bit but nothing shows up in the automation lane . The only way for me to get the automation lane for whatever parameter I want to automate is by pressing play on the track and then moving the knob, this then creates the automation lane… it seems like a bit of a long winded process . Is there anyway of the parameter I want to automate to just show up when I click it or simply move it ? Or do I always have to press play first and then move the parameter to be able to see the automation for it?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Anyone there ?