Play Repeats after D.S./D.C. jumps

Under the following circumstances, Dorico does not play back the repeats after D.S. / D.C. correctly.
This concerns the playback of pieces that contain a D.S. or D.C. with a repeat.

  1. the repeats have different endings (e.g. 1. and 2.)
  2. the D.C. does not begin immediately with a repeat bracket or the Segno is not exactly at a repeat bracket.
    These two conditions occur frequently in music. This combination is therefore by no means rare.
    Here is a Dorico file and three screenshots to illustrate this. Two of them show my settings.
    Is this a bug - or have I overlooked something?
    Playback D…C. with Repeat.dorico (973.8 KB)

    Bildschirmfoto 2024-04-15 um 11.27.13
    Bildschirmfoto 2024-04-15 um 11.27.31

It’s a limitation in Dorico’s current handling of repeats playback after a D.C. or D.S. jump, yes.

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