"Play Repeats" are not saved!

In the playback options I need to check the “Play repeats” to have D. write ex. repeat 3.x. It seems weird that this “playback option” ALSO influence the written score and furthermore that this function isn’t remembered when the file is saved!
Just below this setting is Rhythm Slashes/Play slash voices and this setting IS a remembered!
It must be a bug???

Dorico will deactivate the playback option to include repeats in playback when something about the repeats in the project is unbalanced, or would otherwise result in an infinite playback loop. If you double-check what repeat barlines you have, where they point back to, any addition repeat markers etc, that should fix it.

Okay I found it!
A little bit convoluted with a project with 50 flows of the greatest hits of the 80th written as compressed as possible.