Play selected notes only?

Is there a way to play the notes of a selection, then continuing playing but only from the staves whose notes were selected?

So for example, could I select (say) a block of viola and cello notes, and then play the viola and cello staves only, starting from the first note of the selection?

(File this under “Trying to retain my habits from Sibelius”.)


There isn’t an elegant way of doing it as yet. You could go into Play mode and disable the instruments you don’t want to hear, or you go into Setup mode and create a new layout that only contains the instruments you want to hear, but that’s about it for now.

This would be a very helpful feature for those who use Dorico to compose. Sometimes you’re experimenting and a quick, easy way to get specific audio feedback on only selected staves and notes helps you make decisions.

You’re quite right and the team has stated that they will look into implementing a more agile way to do this, though with no clear date to do so.

This would be very useful and helpful


I would like to see this feature. You can also solo instruments in the mixer, available from the top right buttons.

would be extremely helpful while arranging. 1+