'Play Selection Range' works against/negates 'Return To Start on Stop'

I’m guessing this has been the behavior for a long long time, but, should it be? Is it intended?

I feel like ‘Return To Start on Stop’ should still work so that the user can use both of these intentionally. This way, ‘Play Selection from Start’ only needs to be hit once.


Corrected title from ‘Play From Selection Start…’ to ‘Play Selection Range…’


Could you please describe step by step, what you are doing, your current result and expected result, please?

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I made a mistake, but, the behavior is still questionable. I mean ‘Play Selection Range’, not ‘Play Selection from Start’.

1.) Enable Preference ‘Return To Start On Stop’ (Automatically returns to start on stop, no double-tap of stop required)
2.)Select an Event
3.)Execute command ‘Play Selection Range’
4.)‘Return To Start on Stop’ doesn’t return to start.

I fumbled my keys on the last one,

they actually both don’t operate correctly or as one might expect (but maybe there’s reasoning behind this)


The step by step description is not really complete. Do you mean this:

  1. In the Preferences > Transport, enable Return Start Position on Stop.

  2. Add an Audio track, audio event.

  3. Select the audio event by using Object Selection tool.

  4. Trigger Play Selection Range command (Transport > Play Project Range > Play Selection Range).

-> The playback cursor jumps to the beginning of audio event and the playback starts.

=> After the playback, the cursor stops at the end of the selected audio event.


  • The cursor jumps back to…? The original position, or the Audio Event Start position?

Yes sorry, I think your steps are correct.

The summary is,

-In the Preferences>Transport, with ‘Return Start Position on Stop’ enabled
-The above preference is negated when using transport-command-functions ‘Play Selection Range’ and ‘Play From Selection Start’ - both commands cancel out the preference or don’t work properly:
—‘Play Selection Range’ plays until selections end, and stops and end - does not return to start.
—‘Play From Selection Start’ returns but erroneously to the end of said selection, instead of start.


Sorry, I still don’t know, what is your expected result, please? Where should the cursor go after the stop?

  1. Go back to the position, where the cursor originally was.
  2. Go to the selected event start position.

Actually for me, both options are equal.

The common use case is, the cursor is not at the selected event start position once you triggered the function. So again, where it should go after?

The expected result, is that it returns to where playback started - every time - for as long as that preference is enabled.

Play Selection Range:
Play Selection Range
Doesn’t Return to Start when it Auto-Stops

Play Selection From Start
Play Selection From Start
Returns to some arbitrary position that wasn’t selected


Sorry, just for my curiosity, could you simply pick one of the 2 possible options I described above, for me? For me it’s not clear at all, which one would you consider as the “Start Position” (what does the preference says).

‘Return to Start on Stop’ preference, ‘Start’ refers to where the cursor was before playback began.