Play slice till end of sample?

Hi, this is a crosspost from Reddit as I didn’t get any response there.

In FL Studio (great way to start a post right), there’s a beat slicer that allows you to hold the key down and the sample that you loaded will start from the slice assigned to that key, but will continue to play the sample through to the end for as long as you hold the key down. This is extremely useful.

In Groove Agent (SE and 5), is there a quick way to do this to all the slices of a loop you drag in and have GA slice?

I know I can do it to each one manually by clicking on the pad, then going to the MAIN tab and dragging the end point to the end, but this could take quite a while. Is there a macro for this or is it possible to create one?

Oh, bonus question, is it possible for GA to jump to the settings of the most recently played pad so I don’t have to click on the specific one I’m looking for?

Thanks guys!