Play sounds on Note Entry?


When inputting notes by mouse or computer keyboard, is it possible for Dorico to actually play the note as audible feedback?

Thanks for your help.


I thought Daniel said on Tuesday that the answer to this was No; and that the only way to hear what’s written is in Play mode.

So I’d also welcome clarification on this from someone who knows, please.

Thanks :slight_smile:

In another post it was stated that the feature is planned but not yet implemented.

Ok, I can live with that!

Thanks for clarifying.


They should have waited to release this package. It’s not ready for prime time. I can’t hear the notes I input what go is that. I feel that I wasted my money!

It will come!

Ironically I discovered that when I add notes via a MIDI keyboard some voices (Soprano solo) sounds quietly when I enter the pitch, but the piano part does not. Strange, but not a problem. I too would like to hear note-on-entry and even more see a pitch-then-duration option added.

You mean like Finale?

Yes, like Finale and like Sibelius (as I understand) since sometime after a tried and discarded their v6 demo.

That can happen with sounds that use a mod wheel controller for volume. Try increasing the mod wheel while you’re entering to make it louder.

Sibelius’s “quick entry” was the opposite of Finale. In the latter, you hold pitch and notes are input when you press the duration, like you described. In Sibelius, you selected a duration, which remained fixed until it was changed (very much like Dorico) and input was triggered by pitches. Hence me asking if you meant like Finale’s Quick Entry.

I think some folks are asking for something like Finale’s Quick Entry, where (after choosing the duration) clicking on the note location plays the note’s pitch. I can see how that would give useful aural confirmation.

But I would like to see in addition a pitch-before-duration capability, which I can achieve in Finale’s Speedy Mode (although I use a separate speaker attached to my MIDI keyboard rather than using MIDI Thru). That means I hear the pitch before I commit to it by pressing the duration key. I can also work through an entire passage (w/ harmony) before turning back to entering the individual notes into the computer.

Is this a thing yet? I can’t find the option to turn it on.

You mean pitch-before-duration? No. Waiting and hoping!

No worries. Thanks.