Play through endings

Hello, can anyone help with this problem? I want an old fashioned “play-through” ending. Instead of 1. and 2. endings as seen in the pic, I want the first ending to say “to next strain” and the second ending bracket to say “Fine.” This is an old fashioned concert band designation, yes, but it shouldn’t be beyond the capabilities of Dorico. I used to be able to do it in Sibelius, what am I missing in Dorico? Is it just terminology or some such ridiculousness?

  1. Place two endings as normal.
  2. Cut and paste the repeat barline from the end of the 1st ending to wherever you want it.
  3. Switch to Engrave mode, select the second ending, set its duration to 3 (measured in quarters/crotchets) and End of line to Closed.
  4. Back in Write mode, place a DS al Fine at the end of the 1st ending.
  5. Place a Fine at the end of the 2nd ending.
  6. Place a Segno just after the 2nd ending.
  7. Switch to Engrave mode, set the DS al Fine’s Custom Text to To next strain.
  8. Hide the Segno.

Sample project attached.
to next strain.dorico (491.4 KB)

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Thanks pianoleo, a little fussy, but it works!