Play Through Master Section button de-activating!

I am using Sonnox Restoration to clean up some audio tracks. All seems to be going well, until I notice that the Play Through Master Section Button on the Status Bar is suddenly de-activating itself. This happens when I am rendering the file and, as Wavelab finishes the render, the button suddenly gets a red circle on it, thus showing de-activation.

I am currently using the De-Buzzer and I have tried 3 separate files, but the same things happens on them all. I also notice that when it does this a .GPK file is not created, so presumably the plug-in has not worked.

What could be the problem?

In Master Section “Render” button uncheck :
“Bypass Master Section on resulting audio file”

but be aware if you play back same rendered audio file now
the Master Section has the plugins still active !

regards S-EH

Thanks for the response S-EH, much appreciated.

I fact, I was not aware of this facility, and now that I look again at the setup, I can see that Bypass Master Section on resulting audio file was indeed checked! (It must be the default).

Is that the reason the button activated on its own? I would be surprised because I had already put that file through twice and not seen that red circle before. (Unless I am missing something!)

Just to point out, I am taking a new file, applying De-Clicker and rendering. Then I take that de-clicked file and render it again using De-Buzz. The advice given to me is to apply De-Clicker first, render, then take that rendered file and apply De-Buzz whilst rendering a second time. I will also use DeNoise. So I need to apply plug-ins on three separate occasions.

So am I right in thinking that (reading page 229 of the manual) Bypass Master Section on resulting audio file is intended to stop you going through the Master Section and applying a plug-in twice?

But that is what I think I need to do, because I am putting the same audio file through the Master Section (and then rendering it) three times - albeit with different plug-ins each time. So will disabling that “protection” give me what I need - as long as I know to change the plug-ins each time?

Well, the function is to ensure you don’t listen to the resulting file through the master section again - that’s why it’s default on. It won’t be applied really to the file, unless you render again.

BTW, could you not apply the three plugins in one go? I understand auditioning each stage may be more difficult that way, but it could save time. And if you do it in three stages, make sure you either open the rendered ‘file’ directly from the first two passes or save as 32-bit float files in between and only apply dither in the final stage. Sorry if you know all this already…

Why should you not listen to the audio through the Master Section again? Or, put it another way, can you listen again through the Master Section if no plug-ins are activated?

In an event, I think I’ve got it. I simply uncheck the Bypass Master Section button.

The reason I don’t apply all three plug-ins in one go is that I had the advice that I had to use the De-Clicker first, render the file, then start again with the De-Buzzer and De-Noiser. That may, of course, be the wrong advice. In any event I don’t mind doing it three times because I can check the result of each plug-in. And yes, I am saving as 32-bit float files and dithering at the end.

To answer your first question; you want to check for the result of the render without anything new being applied. And ofcourse you can remove or switch off the plugins and listen through the master section again, but this is fool-proof, and so prevents mistakes being made. For instance, listening to subtle compression being applied again, and making decisions based on that.

OK, Arjan. That’s clear. I guess the facility to by-pass the Master Section is actually for my own good! At least I know that now and can control it where I need to do so. Thanks.