Play together (“a 2”/“a due”?)

I don’t know what this is called but I’ve sometimes seen parts combined into one staff and if both players play the same notes after playing different voices it’s indicated with the text “a 2” above. Now, I know that condensing players isn’t implemented yet but is there some kind of system text item for this when working with voices? Or do I just have to add this as regular Shift-X text?

You should just add it using boring old Shift+X text. Or you could define playing techniques for this, if you prefer, though I don’t think there’s any real advantage to doing that, except possibly ensuring a consistent appearance.

I do prefer a playing technique for this, only because it positions it closer to the staff. For tight scores, this can make a huge difference in vertical spacing.

I would fully support having playing techniques for a2 thru a8 out of the box. This would make it possible to drive libraries like NotePerformer that actually understand divisi.

Noteperformer (or more accurately Dorcio driving NotePerformer) doesn’t understand divisi. For example it doesn’t understand separate dynamics on divisi staves, or different playing techniques like arco and pizz for string divisi.

Err, not divisi, but what I mean is noteperformer understands unisons. So I the track is ‘a3’ but only one note is active it will be played by 3 voices.

OK I see what you mean. That is condensing multiple solo parts onto one staff in a score, which his kind of the opposite to divisi.

True. Basically, it means you can get proper playback from a typical orchestral full score… which is nice, especially with heavy brass arrangements that can have e.g. a4 horns.