Play tool button is not giving sound on audio parts

Hi! I am using Cubase 10. Today I lost the sound when pointing on audio tracks (parts) with the speaker tool. How could I fix it?
Thanks in advance!


If you are using Control Room, add Monitor 1 Bus in the Control Room and route it to your Audio Device output. All previews are routed over the Monitor 1. Then set Stereo Out to Not Connected (if you route Monitor 1 to the same Port as the Stereo Out is routed), please.

Thanks a lot for your response, Martin! Anyway I couldn’t find out how to route Monitor 1. There in Control room the meter is showing that there is signal when I point the loudspeaker to the clip, but no sound. Or if I start playing the song the meter of Control room is lighting again, and there IS sound. If I stop and point with the loudspeaker - no sound. Only lighting the meter.

Now that I managed! Thans a lot! :slight_smile: