"play" tool in the audio editor window doesn't play sound ?


I’ve worked with cubase studio quite a while and I upgraded to cubase (full) because they wouldn’t let me upgrade to cubase artist 6 from my cubase studio installation.

However I also got the routing and seapparate busses for internal features functionality with it, at least thats what I think is the problem.

When I doubleclick on an audiotrack to see the audio preview, you can choose a “play” tool in the list of tool items in the left upper counter of the sound window.

However when I try to preview the soundclip from the location I click on with that play tool no sound plays. Do you have to assign outputs for this ?


Have you inadvertently enabled the control room?

Is the main output in output connections set the the “Main Mix” ?

lol , thanks: that was it. I don’t even think I will ever use that control room anyway.