Play Tool

Hi All,
All of the sudden, the play tool no longer works. If I choose the speaker icon in the tool box and click onto an audio part, it makes no sound.
The project cursor moves normally but no sound. It will work on midi parts but not audio.
Is there a preference or volume control that I am overlooking? Maybe I inadvertently hit a keystroke that muted it?
Thanks for your thoughts!


Set up control room correctly.

I’ve never used the control room. All my tracks have been routed to the main stereo outs.
Is there something in the control room that would affect the play tool? And why would that suddenly change?

Activating CR without configuring it correctly will.

Don’t know how I could have configured the control room incorrectly if I’ve never opened it.

I do, but you will maybe find out yourself.

If you never use the control room, just disable it from one of the tabs in the VST connections menu.

Regards. :sunglasses:

I guess if you do, that’s probably one of the answers I was requesting. If I could find out myself, I wouldn’t have entered this forum.
I thought that’s what this forum was for after conducting my own search.

Anyone else care to “share” their thoughts?

Thanks for your suggestion Prock! I’ll try that when I get home. Appreciated!

Seemed to me you are no further interested in this, since as you said, you never opened it. And as I said, activating it (maybe accidentally) without having it configured is enough to get the problem you are describing. So I was expecting something like “it is activated” or “ig is not activated”

That is correct, I never intentionally opened it but I very well could have accidentally activated it by hitting a keystroke as you mentioned.
If I did, I don’t recall ever seeing a drop down screen indicating that. I mentioned that I didn’t understand how I could have misconfigured the CR if I didn’t open it but maybe that created the misunderstanding that I wasn’t interested in pursuing or correcting the issue.
Prock shared with me how to disable the CR if that indeed was the issue.