Play Track - VST and Channel Assignments Spontaneously Shifting

Still trying to get back to things after a year of health issues and a long-distance move.

While attempting to figure out how to make playback, VST assignments, and Expression Maps work together correctly in Dorico Pro 3, I encountered occasional spontaneous shifting of VST assignments and Channel assignments for some tracks in Play view. So far as I am aware I am doing nothing that could trigger this, yet it happens. Therefore I must be causing it.

Does anyone else experience this? Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

I should give some specifics. I have set up two VE Pro instances so far, one for (wood)winds and one for brass. I’m working with the brass first, and while tinkering with the Synchron Player, Expression Maps, Playing Techniques, VST End Point Assignments, Write mode and Engrave mode, I find that an assignment to VEP SYSE Brass has morphed into an assignment to a Halion VST on a different channel. VST assignment and channel assignment have been changed. This happened multiple times, but only sporadically and never the same track with the same changes.

Again, I’m sure in all my messing around I inadvertently did something that triggered the changes, but I have no idea what that might be. I certainly never clicked on the VST assignment or the channel assignment.

I think the issue could be that you scrolled your mouse wheel while the pointer was over one of the controls in the track header or in the VST Instruments rack. At the moment, the menu buttons in those areas will respond to the mouse wheel (which is the default Qt behaviour, arguably a pretty unhelpful one), which will change the value. We’re planning to make these controls ignore the mouse wheel, so that scrolling the wheel with the pointer over them will not allow their value to change. In the meantime, try to be aware that this can happen.

Ah, thanks Daniel. That makes sense. I suspected as much. I’m sure that will solve my problem.