Play v5 and v6

Wordbuilder hangs up on first syllable when recording. [Otherwise works fine]. Is this an issue with Dorico?

Wordbuilder 5 does work OK with Dorico in my experience and I haven’t come across this behaviour. Maybe you could be more specific as to exactly what you’re doing and what happens? How are you recording?

Using a Roland GW8. Win 10. Olympus Elements v5. Normal recording is OK. Anything in WordBuilder sounds OK when played live - after the usual adjustments - but when recorded only the first syllable sounds. The recorded music appears correctly in Write. The sound, however, when played live or played back plays only the first note -
mmm if I have recorded the word Marie or hhh in the case of Halleluhah. All else is OK.

ah, sorry. I’d assumed you were using one of the EWQL libraries, particularly Symphonic Choirs as there have been quite a few threads on this. I’m afraid I don’t know the Soundiron product so can’t test anything directly. There has been some discussion on it, for instance here Olympus Elements: how to install, plus review
Perhaps @benwiggy or another user might have some suggestions.

You can’t use Olympus Elements with Wordbuilder.
You can only use Play with one of the EastWest libraries, like Symphonic Choirs. Are you doing that?

Personally, I too found Wordbuilder unworkable with Dorico using Play 6 and Symphonic Choir; I tried Play 5 but had (different) problems there. Though others have had more success.

Sorry to misguide you I am using EWQL Symphonic Choirs. I bring up the UI from the drop down list of VSTs in the Play set up and proceed from there. After setting up the required word/phrase I record from Write. I downloaded Play 5, [not sure what this is], from a link in a previous thread - maybe benwiggy!- got confused with the UI now back with Play 6.1.9. Been a basic Sib user for a few years, not well up on what is going on behind the screen so I am probably making some kind of basic error.

ok, then my next question would be if you used SC with Wordbuilder successfully in Sibelius? Works OK there (although I find actually fewer problems and better control of dynamics with Dorico – and I’m actually writing a piece using it as we speak) so if you’ve managed that, I expect we can get it up and running in Dorico, too.

WB with Sib no can do. I will stick with Dorico until I find what I am doing wrong!!!

I’m not quite sure of your method yet. With Dorico, I simply play in the music with a MIDI keyboard (Step entry) and then write in the text with the SHIFT+L lyrics popover. After that, write the text into Wordbuilder – note that the text you write in the Dorico score has no direct connection to WB in SC – Dorico reads what you’ve written there, not in your score.

If writing for more than one vocal part, you need a separate PLAY instance for each one as Wordbuilder uses 12 channels at once. In case you’re relatively new to Wordbuilder, there is a bit of a learning curve but it’s not insurmountable.

Got that - I think. So it’s music first then words! Right I will give this a go tomorrow. Thanks.

Not happening. Something is grabbing the first syllable. The sound transfers OK from keyboards thru system to speakers when played live. Could this be a part of the system by passing EW/WB - just a guess.

is this the first syllable every time you record? Are you talking about losing consonants only or the whole syllable just goes? One thing to try is to perhaps use the Wordbuilder time editor to make the text come in slightly earlier. If still getting stuck, I suggest posting just a small fragment of the Dorico file to illustrate the problem and I or anyone else with a current SC installation could try to reproduce.

Moving time bars does not help . I have tried - ma ri! - in the text editor this gives me what I am looking for when played live. Recording this results in the m and only the m sounding throughout the 4 bars. Each note change adds another m to the previous note So I end up with a big mmmm chord at the end of bar 4. Must be something simple when the text editor is OK. Thanks for help.

this thread and the previous ones are based on the assumption that PLAY 5 is being used as it has been established that 6 doesn’t work. I use 5.0.6 which I got directly from their tech support though others have had success with 5.0.1. Although I saw the post about reverting to 6, I understood that @Sailorsailor was again using 5 in light of subsequent info. But maybe not!