Play VST EAST WEST Tips Please Mucho Crashes

Hi, have new Windows 7 32 bit, Cubase 5, .All VSTs (Reason, Evolve, AD drums, with stacks of layering) they work like a charm except Play VST from soundsonline. all current libraries are updated and the Play engine is updated for windows 7, can barely play one piano, at most two triads at once. and definitely not strings now… constant cubase crashes…Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. thx in advance

What kind of computer do you have?

Hi, PC, intel quad core 2.66ghz, 4 gigs ram, RME Hammerfall Aio Card, windows 7, everything is 32 bit. Wondering if this is simply a memory issue, or a compatibility issue with cubase 5 and Play VSt…

I don’t have the answer for you, but I give you MY story.

I was running Cubase 4 on XP dual core with 4G ram and EastWest Silver with Kontakt NI player.
I had a project with 45 tracks which was running just fine.

I then upgraded to EastWest Gold Play version. Nothing worked anymore. I could play mostly 3 instruments at once.

I got a new computer:
Intel quad core
8G Ram
Windows 7 ultimate 64bit
300G mirror for O/S and SW
500G disk for VSTs
1T disk for VST data
1T disk for projects
M-Audio audiophile external box.

Switched off any services I don’t really need (like the ones that check internet regularly for updates, adobe, flash etc.)

Now I am running a project with 85 tracks, 7 instances of Play (64 bit) 1.2.5 and 1x shortcircuit Vst. About 12 patches per play engine and more than half are master key switches.

Loading sadly takes 4 minutes, but it does play ok. Although lately occasional minor hickups occur.
I believe that is due to a lot of extra software I have installed and haven’t switched off associated processes/services.

If I were in your shoes, Iassuming you have the latest version of Play), I would try installing an older version of Play.
I would also look in the log file to see if there is anything helpfull (ring Cubase support if there is).
I would be temted re-installing Cubase to ensure all components are 32 bit.
(Why on earth did you not go for W7 64 bit???)
If W7 64 bit is an option I would scrap and start with that first off.
Both Cubase and Play have 64 bit versions and they definately perform better.

Because your problem is specific to Cubase/Play, I would not expect much help on this forum.
Have you tried the Play forum yet?

Support (last on th elist - You will need to register first)

Hope that helps.

Thx TruePegasus! I have been with tech support from Play for a week now… emailing back and forth - i upgraded to Cubase 6 and still having exact same issues…Play piano crashes cubase as soon as one is opened - not into 64 bit yet because of the nightmare i have been hearing about vst bridges (i’m using Waves and UAD plugins - which are not 64 bit yet) holding out for them. But, could this be a simple memory issue? possibly i suppose - but Omnisphere, Kontakt 4, AD drums all work very welll at the same time…argh… thx for your advice