play_vst_x64 not found

Hi all,

I have a frustrating problem. I have EastWest Play installed on my computer, but since upgrading to the latest version, when I open older Cubase projects it comes up with an error that play_vst_x64 cannot be found for instrument track blah blah and therefore the midi assigned to that is not playing anything.

I can load the new version of play no problem at all, so if I knew which instrument I had used I could easily load it up and move the midi, but the problem is that I can’t remember what the instruments were that I used because let’s face it, East West libraries are massive and if I try and load play on the instrument channel, it just loads a blank version of Play with no instrument loaded.

So what on earth do I do? How do I tell Cubase that this old play_vst_64.dll it’s looking for is now a new one instead, or if I can’t do that, can I find out somehow what the old instrument was?



Hi and welcome,

How old are these oder projects? Didn’t you use 32-bit version of Play plug-in by any chance?

Hi, thanks for your reply. No, it’s still the 64 bit one. That’s what the x64 refers to in the error.