Play VSTi with MIDI and Record Audio in cycle mode but don't record (thus play) MIDI from arrangement

Title is complex, but the question is not

I want to be in cycle mode
I want record audio from VSTi with the help of second F4 bus
I want to play those VSTi live
But I don’t want to record MIDI notes cuz they overlay and sounds (I don’t want that)

I tried to switch MIDI overdub to Replace but it still doesn’t work well

so basically I want record but I don’t want record MIDI but I want to be capable of playing midi instrument

Is it possible?

In order to play a vsti without recording midi you have to NOT press “record” on the respective track and enable the little bronish speaker icon on this track (the “monitor” button - and I recommend to have a look at the manual to dive deeper about this button and the available modes - like tape recording mode, etc.).

HTH, Ernst

Brilliant, thanks! I guess I didn’t use it for long time so I forgot it can do that xD