Play Window Track Note - Width of Horizontal Line

In the play window, where notes are represented by horizontal lines or bars, what is the significance of the vertical thickness of those horizontal lines? (I assume there must be some meaning to to it, but can’t find any information on this.)

It looks to me like the total range covered by an instrument is fit to the height of the colored bar, and the individual note-lines are divisions of that range into semitones (minimum 1 pixel, of course). I’ve seen the same sort of display in midi software going back decades.

Thanks Mark, so a piano note would be a lot thinner than a flute note? But I’m looking at two violins (two tracks), and one is displayed as a thicker bar than the other?

I think it is the total range of notes in the particular part, not the total range of the instrument, that is represented.

Thanks Janus, having experimented a bit, that seems to be it. I couldn’t understand why in bar 1 of a string quartet, with each instrument playing one note, they appeared such different thicknesses. But, as you say, it’s proportionate to the total range of notes throughout the part. In many ways it’s of very little importance, but I wondered if I was missing something!