Play wiper can't be turned off?

I can’t find this addressed anywhere, but apologies if it has been covered:

Going into Play mode brings up the green play wiper, but after returning to Write mode, the wiper is still visible and partially obscures some elements due to the width.

Is there anyway to hide the wiper? It is too large for editing purposes and needs to be at least hidden when going back into Write mode. I couldn’t find any key commands for this either (tried a few to no avail).

The only way to reset it to “off” so far seems to be quitting Dorico and restarting.


There is a preference for this, though I can’t remember whether it’s in 1.0.10 or the forthcoming update.

The preference to hide the playhead when stopped will be included in the forthcoming 1.0.20 update, but is not found in 1.0.10. Not long to wait, though.

Excellent. Thank you!

So far I like the workflow approach in Dorico in the time I’ve had with it - nice work.