Playback 8va Higher Than Written ~ Uncommon Clefs

I want to playback a series of treble-clef bars an octave higher than written. I added the treble-clef with the 8 at the top of the clef from the right-hand panel “Uncommon Clefs” which appeared in the score but the notes stayed at the written pitch.

I do realise that I can apply octave lines and these do change the octave in playback.

I assume, therefore, that the “Uncommon Clefs” listed are engraving only and wanted to double-check that this is the case.


Yup, that’s correct: clefs don’t transpose in Dorico, at least not at the moment, though we don’t absolutely rule out changing this in the future. For the time being, you can use an expression map that transposes the music by an octave in playback if you wish.

Hello Daniel,

Thanks for your reply … that’s great.

Although the octave-lines are doing the job, I’ll try the expression maps option as well.

No hurry to answer this question, but I’m curious why. I’m surprised it’s a matter of “don’t absolutely rule out” rather than “on the list.” Is it a matter of implementation difficulty or a matter of planned choice?

Philosophically I’m ambivalent about this, as I’ve discussed here many times before, but we haven’t ruled it out.