Playback accents problem Dorico 3.5

Hi there!

Anyone else experiencing problems with playback under 3.5? It mutes randomly notes that have an accent (>). It happens with note performer as well as with Halion. Looks like a bug to me. Never had this problem in 3.1. When I open the same file in 3.1 it plays back correctly. I do get a warning message wich indicates perhaps something. Anyone who can help?

I found the problem but not een workable solution. It has to do with swing playback. Dorico team, could you please take a look at this? Now I’m not able to let the players ‘swing’.

Are you sure it’s not, which I already pointed you to via Facebook?

…and if it isn’t, can you attach a project (or a section of the project) that actually shows the problem? Developers can’t debug screenshots.

No it’s not because I don’t have repeats in my projects. When I deleted the swing signpost it played back correctly.
I added an example. First 3 bars it doesn’t playback the notes wich have accents.
Does it play in your program? (611 KB)

I opened your project in Dorico 3.5. I’m hearing much the same problem (video here); neither the accented notes in the first bar nor the first accented notes in the sixth bar play unless I remove the swing signpost.

I’m using neither NotePerformer nor the Halion samples.

The issue appears to only take place if you use swing and you have an accent followed by a glissando. Removing either the accent or the glissando fixes it in the first bar.

In play mode, I can see it starts to play the note Legato with no accent, and switches to Legato + Accent. It appears it is changing to Legato at the moment that it would if it were straight 8ths and changing to Legato + Accent at the moment that would be correct for swing. The note itself in play mode appears at the time that you would expect for straight 8ths.

This looks to e the problem! I see what you mean, but it’s not possible to alter these playing techniques in play mode right?

I believe Paul is already aware of and has fixed this problem, but I wll check with him.