Playback an XML file from Sibelius

Hello all! I just did a quick search and saw a couple of threads about importing XML from Finale, but nothing about Sibelius. If I missed one, please let me know.

I exported an XML file of a score from Sibelius and had hoped to see what it would sound like in Dorico. I opened the file, but get no sound at all. I can’t even get a sound by clicking on the piano keys in Halion.

I can hear a piano from Halion if I create a new file and click on the piano keys. Scores created natively in Dorico seem to be working as expected.

Any ideas on what might be the problem?

Try clicking the “Play Tab”.
Next, click the “Play Menu” at the very top left of your Dorico Window.
Finally, choose “Apply Default Playback Template”.

Did that work?
If not, you’ll need to reassign your instruments in the “Setup Tab” so Dorico can find them.

Applying the default playback template didn’t help.

How do I go about reassigning the instruments?

It’s a choral score, but I find most digital choral sounds to be offensive. If I end up despising Dorico’s as much as every other one I’ve found, how do I go about using a choral name (Soprano, for example) but using another instrument (clarinet, perhaps)?

In Halion Sonic SE, you can replace any default loaded sound. Click the downarrow to the right of the sound name in the Multi Program Rack. Search for an appropriate replacement by typing in the red field at the top.

I’ve tried that in Halion. Still no sounds in the XML file when I hit play.

Have you also tried Load sounds for unassigned instruments (play menu)?

I’ve tried that too.

If you look under Edit > Device Setup, is the correct audio interface chosen?
In the HALion window, are the correct sound patches loaded? If you click on the keys in that window, do you see some metering in the top-middle of the window, right of the loaded patch name?
Could you please save that imported project and send it to me at u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de ? From the project data I might be able to tell what is wrong.

I tried all three audio interfaces in the Device Setup, but none fixed the problem. In Halion, only one instrument loaded. I attempted to add more, but after doing so, I still get no sound when I click on the keyboard. I’ll email you the file. Thanks for looking into this!

Just as a follow up, I was in private email contact with Jules. It turned out that it his problem wasn’t import related, but the known ‘missing port map info’ issue (for which we will have a fix in the next update). Anyway, I helped Jules to get his project sounding again.