Playback and waveform visibility issues

Problems are there in the current official version and the 2.0.14 pre-release

  • I have a simple test project with 2 global stacks (Bass Audio Input with VST Plugin in Insert and E-Git with VST Plugin in insert) and 1 global layer (Superior Drummer 3 with E-Dum Midi input)

  • assigned tracks in Test Song to that 3 Instruments.

  • with the monitor icon pressed I can play and here it correctly, then when I record it records but after I’m finished the waveform looks empty.

    resizing the clip suddenly lets the waveform appear:

  • but then the sound output doesn’t work until I reassign it again (even if its still setup correct)

Reassign for playback

  • after that suddenly the guitar track is without sound and has to be “fixed” via reassigning again.
    same problem with the midi clips and the drum layer.

… we can reproduce it. We’ll fix it. Thank you.
… a workaround is : After you have finished the recording, save the project and reload it.


Hi @ebber,

good news. The missing waveform drawing is already fixed. Please wait for the next Pre-Release and another try. And I was not able to reproduce the missing sound routing. Please check again the next Version and let us know if all problems are gone then.

Thank you,

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