Playback audio heavily distorted, plz help


Your shure your controllroom isn’t on plus the normal output?
I often have the problem that output and controlroom is on and i get clipping and distortion on my speakers but file looks normal whe i deactivate one output or controllrom everything is fine.

Same thought as woodcrest

Greetz Bassbase

Hey John, I think this will work for ya.

Do the following and see if it helps:

Turn off your wireless and bluetooth antennas completely. Some laptops have a switch on the hardware for this, others have a button on the keyboard and some others you have to go into your O/S setup and disable or turn off the devices by software.

Then restart the machine and test for a few hours to make sure the problem ended.

This happens in Mac and PC, it’s a hardware conflict and wi-fi or bluetooth antennas seem to love to mess up with our audio interfaces… If it’s not a laptop, a desktop can have the same problem but it’s more common in laps…

Hope you can fix that soon


Another tip is to disable all sounds from windows in the control panel. This way even if you use your mbox as default sound device in windows (for listening to music in media player for example) you avoid Windows suddenly trying to use your sound card for system sounds. This keeping mbox’s internal clock locked to Cubase unless you open a song in another software while cubase is running.

It seems that Digidesign combined the AI driver to the upgrade package of ProTools in earlier version. And as I was looking for clues on the internet I found something that may cause the problem, let me explain below.

Thanks Woodcrest and Greetz, the control room is off, actually as I am new to Cubase I don’t fully understand that feature.

Greetz, I have checked all possible hardware and software, and I can’t find any wireless communication device. My computer is a self-built desktop built just for music things.

Gentlemen as I am stil looking into the problem, I found that it might be a common but unsolved bug for MBox2 Window7 64 bit combination. 90% of the threads ended up with “going back to 32bit XP”. :angry: Should I buy another AI for goodness sake?

Thanks again Greetz, unfortunately the problem remains.


If all those hints had no solution for you. Mbox is from maudio what do they tell you on their forum?

I also had an M"AD"audio card the fast track pro bad latency bad driver and since i spend a bit money in an rme rme card my dreams came true very low latency a crystal clear sound and yet could bring my card to crackle with a lot of synths and audiotracks.

Better spend good money for a great card then invest more times in cheap ones.

Greetz Bassbase

Disable your Wi-Fi card under Device Manager like Esterman mentioned.

Hi there,

I remember to had similar issues with my MBox, but I sold that Interface very fast…and this is 5 or 6 years ago…

If I remember right the Direct Monitoring is all the time active and the recorded signal was always doubled while the playback…

  • I had to change the Mix Poti all the time in the front of the MBox to right or left…I do not remember anymore…
    but always for recording and then for playback…

  • I had as well to de-activate the Direct Monitoring in Cubase (Devices/Device Setup/VST Audiosystem)

Maybe that could be helpful…Martin had also written this before regarding the Mix- Poti…



Yes sir, I think I had enough. I am looking for a new audio interface that fits perfectly to Cubase. I am considering MW10C USB Mixing Studio made by Yamaha. I always think Yamaha is a good friend of Steinberg. Is it possible to have MW10C and MBox running at the same time?

Thanks Bane, but my desktop has no wifi or bluetooth, so this shouldn’t be the cause.

Now I think you made a good choice, Marcus. If I had no unfinished projects in Pro Tools I’d thrown my MBox to some torture tests.

Now VSTi playback is infected too. Like Greetz said, I should not waste my time anymore. :cry:

Gentlemen please forgive me to be a bit off topic. In order to solve the distortion problem, I am considering Yamaha MW10C USB Mixing Studio to replace the MBox, as I need more than 2 inputs for my AI, and it is cheap and it seems worth the price. Is it good machine or is it notorious for something I don’t know? It will also be great if there is any suggestion other than Yamaha MW10C USB Mixing Studio. Thank you very much.

Be aware the MW10C is a USB 1.1 device, limited to 2 channels in/out at 44.1 and 48 KHz 16 bit only and does not come with a proper ASIO Driver. Give it a swerve!

I would hesitate trusting a USB1 mixer as a soundcard.Anyways USB2 is the way to go now.
If you trust Yamaha you can trust Steinberg too,why not a UR28M?

Great! Thanks Split for saving me from another highway to hell. I give it up.

Still about hardware AI. Is there any good AI that

Runs perfectly on Cubase 6.5
More than 2 inputs
2 outputs for sure
support 48 kHz and 24 bit
USB 2.0 or above
and cheap?

I am checking it out now, thanks for the advice, S4410.

Well in short I’d like to have an AI that runs ideally and cheap. Should I consider Behringer?

What is your idea of “cheap”?


I agree that the Steinberg UR28M would be a good option. Maybe not “cheap”, though?

Cheap and loaded with features usually doesn’t occur at the same time.

Take a look at Tascam for good quality at a reasonable price, they have a good range of products you might like.

Thanks Scab, I check out Behringer and I’ve given it up.

I ordered UR28M finally. Actually I don’t have a good definition of cheap, maybe if I think it worth the price and I can afford it at the moment, it is cheap.

I also checked out Tascam and for some stupid reasons I didn’t choose it, the UR28M has all the knobs I need on the top so it fits in the place I prepared for a new AI. But thanks for the advice, I might need it some day.

Gentlemen, finally I ordered a UR28M via amazon at 31,480 japanese yen. And I am going to get it tomorrow. I will see if it works and report here.

Congratulations! I think you made a good choice.

Thanks Scab, let me explain what’s going on today.

First I received the UR28M today in the afternoon. I plugged in all the cables, including the monitors, and USB, and installed the driver. There were lots of accidents happened on me but tonight I made it works. Good news are, the distortion for Cubase is gone, and for Pro Tools, I don’t know why, it only recognize the MBox but the distortion can be temporarily removed for several 10 seconds by changing the buffer size to 1024 and 2046 over and over again. This might help me save my previous projects.

Bad news are, first, it has obvious noise, and I still haven’t checked if this comes from the output or from the input. I will check this soon.
And second, sometimes if it has feedback I have to restart my computer to get rid of this.

Sorry as the installation process was not smooth and I don’t have enough time to test it. These are what I discovered so far. I will continue tomorrow.

You need version 9 or greater of pro tools to use 3rd party interfaces. V8 is locked to their sound cards.

I appreciate the language issue. You can’t run both devices at the same time, you understand this, correct? The old drivers should be removed from your system if possible, such that only the Steinberg drivers remain.

So what I don’t understand is why Cubase is finding the mbox if its not plugged in?

I had the same problem and just realized after reading several forums painfully that my 003 Rack is old and even though Microsoft gave backward compatibility by providing new drivers for windows 10, apparently they dont work. switching to a new audio interface removed all glitches and distortions in audio/vst playback completely. am happy. just thought of sharing this in this forum so others benefit and can save time.