Playback Audio Not Working

Hi I am new to cubase and I have a problem already. When I open Cubase it shuts off the audio for my entire computer not just cubase. I wanted to watch so tutorials and work with cubase, but every time i open it up it shuts down my audio for everything until I restart my computer. I didn’t change any settings, it happened the first time I opened it up.


In Audio device setup tick the “release driver in background” box.

Then whichever program is in the foreground can use the audio device. (Assuming it’s set as your default Windows audio device)

If you actually want to play from multiple programs simultaneously there is also a setting in Windows audio you can de-select which is something like “Allow programs to take exclusive control of this device”.

Hi. Not sure if the above helped. If it did brilliant. If not - try unticking Asio Guard in the devices menu. EVERY time I use Asio Guard it disables all audio and metering in Cubase - pretty crap really.

Let me know how it goes.



Thank you the first comment worked for me!