Playback bar repeat symbol

In Dorico 2 there is the bar repeats symbol, but in playback it does not sound. Why?

As I understand it, that feature is currently unsupported. I’m hoping (though I’m not sure if) it will be included in the next update. I hear swing playback is included in the next update, so I’m hoping repeat bars will also be included. Fingers crossed.

We hope that the Steinberg staff will include this feature and also that of the reproduction of ornaments. Thank you :wink:

Yes, bar repeats will play back in the update. Playback of ornaments is on our list, though we can’t say when.

Thank you Paul,

Good news about bar repeats. Sounds like the update will be substantial! I looking forward to it!

Oooooh, I want that update now! :slight_smile:

Good news indeed!

As for now, I often have to make two documents; one for printing and another for playback. This is of course also due to the still primitive system for D.S., D.C., Coda, and Fine. But maybe good news are soon to come on that front, too?

Yes, we are working on D.C./D.S./Coda etc. at the moment, but that won’t be included in this week’s update. It will follow in the next one.

Did somebody say “this week”? :slight_smile:

YES!! Thx!!! :smiley:

Good to know. This is the last piece of the puzzle for me. I’ve made the switch from Sibelius and this is the biggest issue for me. I was hoping this would be solved in the forthcoming uodate, but I guess I’ll have to wait. I’m so impressed with the software otherwise, and it sounds like forthcoming update will address all my other concerns. (Swing playback, repeat bar playback. Etc.). Keep up the good work!!