Playback becomes higher pitch after headphones plugged in

I just had this occur with Dorico playback. I don’t believe it should ever occur. I found this similar problem description in the Cubase section:

This is occurring for me on an M3 macbook pro Sonoma 14.5.

I suppose it is a sample rate mismatch when headphones are plugged in, where the audio engine has not reinitialized properly with respect to Sonoma, or something like that. So I can set the hardware sample rate manually to workaround this.

VLC Player, which is also open at this time, has not had any playback problems either before or after headphones are plugged in. Therefore VLC’s audio system must be doing something Dorico is not doing.

See screenshots for hardware settings. Why the macbook pro has it’s internal speakers set to 44.1k as a default, I don’t know. And with headphones treated like a separate audio device now in macOs, being set to a different sample rate than the internal speakers, is probably the cause.

The odd part of this situation is that my Dorico project has a Video attached to the Flow. The video is using 48kHz Opus audio. So why Dorico is not setting the hardware to 48k to match the video media file, seems strange. Is it because Dorico sets the hardware sample rate to match the VSTs as a priority over the Video file’s sample rate? (I don’t know the sample rate of the VSTs but they are also Dorico’s VSTs, i.e. HALion, Sketch ,etc)

For the curious, the difference in “bug-induced playback pitch shift” between 44.1kHz and 48kHz is about a musical half-step.

The answer for most of us is to set all devices to 48K or 44.1K. If one sets Dorico to 48K and your computer sound card to 48K (and your videos to 48K), there should not be a problem unless you have a program that forces the sample rate of the computer to change back.

Cubase seemed to force a change to 48K, so I set everything to that sample rate.

So the bug is back, I thought we already fixed it, but apparently didn’t.
Well, at least there is the workaround as Derrek explained.
I raised the issue in our bug database again, but can’t promise of when we will tackle it.

When Dorico extracts the soundtrack from the attached video in order to play it back, it does so at the current sample rate chosen in Edit > Device Setup, i.e. the video soundtrack is made to conform to the sample rate the audio engine is using, not vice versa.

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