Playback between voices and accompaniment

I have created an SATB choral song with piano accompaniment in Dorico 4. When playing back, the voice parts are sounding a fraction of a second behind the accompaniment instead of together. I’ve set a metronome mark at the start of the piece for all voice parts and accompaniment. Any ideas how to rectify this please?

The issue could simply be that you find the vocal sounds to speak a bit late (no pun intended). While there’s no way to create a track delay as you can in e.g. Cubase to compensate for this, you could try selecting all the notes in the project, then adjusting the Playback start offset property to a small negative value to see whether you find that to be an improvement.

To select all the notes so that you can see the Playback start offset property, you probably need to first do Select All, then do Edit > Filter > Notes and Chords, then Edit > Filter > Deselect Only (which tells Dorico that from now on filters should only deselect the item you choose, rather than leaving them selected), then Edit > Filter > Tuplets. Now you should be able to see the Playback start offset property in the Properties panel in the lower zone.

Many thanks for your suggestion, which I’ve just tried, but unfortunately it did not make any difference. Guess I just have to put up with it but I don’t understand why the slight sound delay when it has a metronome mark.