Playback caret freezing

Anyone else finding that sometimes the caret freezes during playback after a few beats? This is a recurring issue for me now…
I’m using Dorico on Mac running OSX Sierra

This is something that we’ve seen occasionally, that we’re still investigating. We haven’t yet found out what triggers it. If you notice anything in particular that narrows down when it occurs, then please let us know.

I know this is rather an old thread - but just to let anyone who may be monitoring it still it is a problem I am currently getting. The caret freezes, playback continues but I lose control of the programme and can’t get back into to enter more notes etc. The only way is to close the project - the last time I did that when I reopened it it took me back to an older version, not the most recent version I had saved…

If the playback line freezes, you should still be able to stop playback by hitting Space or by clicking the button in the mini transport at the top right-hand corner of the window. Your problem sounds like something different. Can you tell us anything about your computer? Does it show signs of being under strain during playback? Are your projects especially large?

In a related issue, some times the play bare is no longer visible. I can still hit play and that works even without the play bar visible. Not sure why this happens. I save, quit and restart, then the bar is visible again. This dosn’t happen often.

Sorry I should have given more details of my set up - iMac (Retina5K - late 2015) 4 Ghz intel core i7, 32 gb 1867 MHz DDR3, AMD Radeon R9 M395X 4096 MB, 1TB SSD

The projects have been v small - max 50 bars, one or two instruments.

I can’t work out what triggers the problem although it normally happens after the project has been closed and reopened at least once.

tonfedd, it certainly doesn’t sound as if contention for system resources could be at the heart of the problem you’re experiencing. When the program freezes up, do you see the spinning beachball cursor, or do you continue to see the usual pointer? If you see the beachball, you could try going to Activity Monitor, selecting the Dorico process, and right-clicking to choose the Sample option, which will write out a hang log that you could then send to me (my email address is d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de).

No freezing ball, the programme just stops responding. I can’t work out exactly what triggers it so I can’t replicate it. As soon as it happens again I will try and post a more detailed account of the problem.

This happens to me every now and then too.
Both on playback and when editing. In the latter, when I sometimes for example select a note or something else for deletion there won’t be any visible selection. If I hit delete nothing happens on the screen, but if I move page up/down (gallery view) and back I can see that the deletion has been executed and the selection is active.
I can’t remember now when this happens but I’ll come back with info if I can see any repeating pattern in this behaviour.

This happens to me quite often.
When it happens, the green line stops but the playback continues.
I hit space and the green line is still at the frozen spot, I can select notes for example, they sound but they don’t turn orange.
I solve this by simply switching to Setup window and switching back again to Write window. Then everything is back to normal.
Really doesn’t matter if I have a large orchestra or just a solo piano - this happens.
Doesn’t bother me because I think you will solve this in next updates.
Keep up the good work!

I am pleased to report that this problem has been fixed and will not trouble you from the next update onwards.

Sounds great Daniel because I was having the same problem as eirikurrs

Any guesses to when the update will be available Daniel? Just got myself a MacBook Pro partly for using Dorico on the go and this was a problem I immediately ran into after playing around for a few minutes. Works like a charm on my Windows desktop though.

It is supposed to arrive before Christmas :wink:

Though unlikely before Dec 1st too, I’ve read Daniel mention somewhere… :slight_smile:

In autumn and before Chrismas… I’d rather bet in a month or so :wink:

Gret to know ir will be fixed:)!

Hello, I am having the same problem, some days when I start my project and I try to play it it gets frozen. does not play at all.
Yesterday it was Ok, and today I can not make it work. Not play, not able to do anything. ( entering notes, or working at all.
Please let me know what can I do.
another problem I found is that when I am writing a song, and I puch the P to start playing or just the Play button, the page moves
all around, and you get lost from the page you were.

Note: I just have one project open, and it is not the first time it happened to me, actually is happens almust every two day.
Thank you.

Welcome to the forum, Feiga. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having problems with playback. It sounds like perhaps you might have a mismatch between the sample rate set in Edit > Device Setup and the sample rate your audio hardware is set to. Try opening the dialog and changing the sample rate to another setting, then waiting a moment, and setting it back to its original setting again. Hopefully that will unstick things and get playback working for you again.

Hello, thank you for your response, I have try all and nothing worked.
I found that if you open a simple score and make it play it works fine, then you open a heavy score and it works perfect. I haven`t had any freezing problems doing it that way. Thank you.