Playback comes out from only one speaker. :(

New to the UR44, so be gentle. :slight_smile:

I want to make simple videos of me performing my original material, and everything goes perfectly except… while recording I hear everything in both ears, but playback is only in one speaker. Whether it’s in the phones or through the monitor speakers, it’s only one side. What am I doing wrong?

I should mention that I didn’t use Cubase or any other DAW when making the video. I simply plugged my mic (RØDE NT1-A) into the UR44, then into the laptop via USB, and used the built-in webcam for the video. I did disable the webcam mic, ensuring that only the RØDE was active.

EDIT: Okay, I just did some testing in Cubase and another DAW. In both programs I’m getting a signal only in the left channel. How do I make it stereo??

Record to a ‘mono’ track. If you record to a ‘stereo’ track you will only get one side.

Okay good, that fixed the problem when using a DAW. …not sure why that didn’t occur to me. duh. :blush:

But what about making a video without the DAW? As described in my first post, I’m just using the UR44 as an interface for my mic, and running the webcam software. I do get sound but it’s all one-sided. I can’t find any settings to change that.

Must be a setting in the webcam software. You have one mic. One ‘mono’ audio signal. That I would think would be a default in any software but as you saw, not so much with Cubase. Never understood why default is a stereo track. Makes no sense to me…